Excellent quality and excellent service from a person who genuinely supports gripsport, arm wrestling, and everything in between. I would highly recommend Arm Assassin Strength Shop to anyone who wants great equipment for a fair price!  -Nigel Blackburn (2018 King Kong 66k Class Winner)


Never spoken with Lucas until I found a posted product on another post. Inquired about the product, immediately got an answer. Ordered the product that had yet to even be built, the product was built the next day, received the shipment in 3 business days. Can't stress enough how easy this process was. Thanks Lucas. That sir is how business should be done!    -Adam Kendrick


I've made several orders of various items: several different types of straps, pinch grips, cable attachments as well as their wrist wrench. Can't emphasize enough how much I like these products: durable, ruggedized, they all hold up under a lot of weight and best of all: there's no hassle ordering & receiving the products. Lucas is friendly, helpful, and everything shipped + arrived very quickly. Wouldn't hesitate to give them my business again, and I will!    -Zac Harvey


Very high-quality equipment and a very reasonable price point! Lucas is very prompt, reliable and professional. This is one-stop shopping for Armwrestling and grip!    -Paul Linn


Easy 5 Star Review for me! 
A) an amazing Product built solid and clean! B)Luke is very easy to communicate with and knowledgeable C) American made Baby!!! Can’t wait to work on my next purchase soon!!   -Steven Zell


I have several bars ( fat axel, safety squat, football bar) along with various other stuff that Lucas made. It’s excellent craftsmanship and he knows what a lifter wants! Highly recommended!!   -Jim Wagner, OTRL, CHT, CSCS


I have ordered a few items from Lucas Raymond he has always made quality products at a great price and has delivered them quickly and his communication with me as a customer has always been great A+ service   -Jaymin Hayden


Lucas Raymond has been one of the best people I have met in 2018. I first reached out in August to inquire about a piece of equipment that I saw him using on Instagram and Facebook. I was dealing with some finger, wrist, and forearm issues and some arm wrestling exercises I came across seemed to help. I shot him a direct message. He got back rather quickly and within a couple of days, I had the first of MANY products I would purchase from Arm Assassin Strength Shop over the following months. I have purchased 20+ items from him thus far. Lucas Raymond is an honest, straight forward, accessible advisor when it comes to grip and arm wrestling training. He’s a very skilled and talented craftsman who has been nothing but professional getting orders made and delivered rather quickly considering the volume and range of products he makes. I’ve been floored at how quickly he takes products from concept to in my hands! His products are stable and built to last, with quality welding and paint jobs. He uses great materials and puts a lot of care in his manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. Lucas has been honest about what he thinks is the best product for different needs. He’s always approachable and gives “no b.s.” advice. He’s connected me with other great people in the grip and arm wrestling community as well, and I’m pain-free and having fun.  I can’t say enough good things about him and the operation he runs. -Omar Abdullah @CTSFITNESS on Instagram.